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That’s right! The wordpress blog you see before you has been moved to ANACHRONUS.COM and will now be updated regularly on there! I’ll probably do updates here until the main site gets more traffic, but I want everyone to know that the site will be updated on a permanent regular basis there. This includes all news and future volume releases, random updates, and my amazing babbling. All previous posts and whatnot from here have been moved to there as well, so it’s like you haven’t gone far!

I’ll see you there!

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Coming Soon; Volume Three | Updates on Anachronus Plans!

How about some copy and paste from my personal tumblr blog, hm? Check it out if you haven’t!

Alright so Volume 3 is nearing its completion, but revision will take a week or so and editing a couple weeks more. Still looking about a month or less if editing goes quickly, but I already told my lovely editor Mary Alexander it doesn’t matter how long it takes.

After Volume 3 the main story will be on a break while I concentrate on school and some other things temporarily, but I plan to work on some side story volumes during this time. Side Story Volumes will be their own series that I’m not sure on the name for, and they will be VERY short. I’m talking only like 5k words for the normal ones, maybe 10k for the longer stories.

Also I have the idea to make another series spin-off of Anachronus that takes place in the past, focused on old generations and possibly the parents or those related in someway to our main cast. Will help flesh out some of the back story for Anachronus which is important on its own!

Just a little update for the few of you who keep up. ~ :P

Well here’s an update to that update! Volume Three’s first draft is finish and thus revising has begun. It would be as little as 3 weeks before V3 is released, but I won’t make any promises. :P

The length of V3 takes quite a leap compared to V1 and V2, but it’s also huge with events and story. A lot happens in this Volume and there needs to be a lot done! But I wanted to let everyone know what was going on, so look forward to more news in the coming weeks! V3 won’t be far now! :D

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Updates on Volume 3: The Goddess & The Guardian!

So how have you guys liked Volume 2? There’s been a surge in views since the release of V2 so I’m really hoping that you guys are enjoying it. Remember, if you enjoy the series please do spread Anachronus to friends! Not to mention you can help support me by following me on twitter or tumblr.

All that fun stuff aside I’m here to bring you news on Volume 3! The Volume is coming a long very well and much better than Volume 1 or 2. I think I’ve found a nice rhythm with writing and started to really fall into the story of Anachronus fully. Not to mention V3 will be my favorite Volume early on and I can’t wait to finish writing it so I can share that feeling with you, the readers.

I won’t go and say a release date [I learned that lesson with Volume 2! :P] but I will say it’s coming along very well. What’s going to slow it down, though, is the fact I just started the new semester last week. I’m a full-time student this fall so that’s going to take up a bit of my time. In addition I’ve been working on my new Youtube Channel and have been enjoying myself some Guild Wars 2. Luckily my writing won’t suffer too much and I did a lot of writing before classes started or GW2 came out, so I’m very much able to take a bit of a break to game do school stuff.

Things are coming along nicely and I want you all to know that V3 will not be taking near as long as V2, so be ready! The series itself is expanding and moving forward, but please be sure to spread Anachronus to anyone you can! The only way to help it grow is by you, the reader, spreading it to others. It’s helps me and it helps the series. ~

Have a great day/night/whatever it may be at the time of you checking this out, and thank you for reading! :D

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Anachronus | Volume Two: The Great Adventure!

WHAT?! VOLUME TWO?! Of course! It took time, effort, energy, rewrites, and lots of amazing patience by friends, fans, and my editor. At the end of it all though Volume Two has finally arrived! My words can be summed up at the end in the Author’s Notes of the PDF, so I’ll leave that to you! I won’t waste anymore time, so HERE IT IS! :D

Anachronus Volume 2: The Great Adventure

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Volume One: A Tale Of Time | Temp-PDF!

Making V1 as a PDF has been giving me some fits (trying to use graphics in word is not translating to the actual PDF correctly and I have no idea what to do with it) but I don’t want that as an excuse! So without further stalling here is Anachronus: Volume One | A Tale of Time, as a PDF! Ignore the blurry and out of focus cover page. Once I figure out some ways to get this looking good I will rerelease V1 (again!) with a nice, clean PDF.

Also if you’ve already read Volume One, check out the PDF anyway! Some notes by me in the end on my Volume One thoughts! :D

Download Here!

Also I will be debating no longer hosting the Volumes to be read online. I think it’s best for everyone to just use PDF, but I will figure out how to make them look nice first!

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New Personal Tumblr, My Twitter, and Volume 2 is almost here!

This is very, very brief update; I’ve started a new personal tumblr! Since I want to use the wordpress for Anachronus-specific stuff and I have a lot of friends that use tumblr, I decided I would rewaken an old tumblr and post on it. It’ll be for random stuff mostly, but it will also be a personal blog for me where I talk about myself and things like Anachronus. Follow me!


Also as I don’t think I ever linked it, feel free to follow me on twitter as well! Stay up to date on all Anachronus progress and hear my random tweets of nonsense!


Finally, in regards to Volume 2, it is done — but still being edited! It shouldn’t be long. I’m just waiting on my editor to get it taken care of and then I’ll be releasing both V1 and V2 as PDFs! The time is short, friends, but know some good news – Volume 3’s storyboard is almost complete!

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Volume 2 is only a few short days away!

You read that right! This is to let you know that Anachronus Volume 2 will be released in just a few short days! In fact, the characters page here has already been updated with characters found in Volume 2 — but beware of spoilers!

Volume 2 will initially be released solely as PDF along with a rerelease of Volume 1 as a PDF. Volume 2 will be put on the website used to read online shortly afterwards. Each PDF will also include notes by me on my thoughts of each Volume and a bit of insight as to what went into making each volume! Here’s to hoping you enjoy every bit of Volume 2, and let that excitement boil over for Volume 3 — as you’ll see from Volume 2 that the next volume, Volume 3, will be one of the most important in the series!


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