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Volume One: “A Tale of Time.” — Read it Now!

Well, while it may not be April 1st here in the States for another half hour or so, Anachronus Volume One is now LIVE! The first volume in the massive story of Anachronus is finally here, so enjoy it! A lot of work is going into the series, and there will be many improvements as […]

We’re Less Than A Week Away!

That’s right! One week until Volume One goes live! While there was a potential for a early release, I decided against it so I could better prepare some things. Not to mention I got kind’ve busy at the same time I wanted to try and release it. But regardless, Volume One comes out this Sunday, […]

Early Release? Maybe!

Just a quick update to say there might be an early release for Volume One! I can’t promise anything, but that may be what I go ahead and do. I have an awesome person helping me edit right now, and after that I may go ahead and release volume one. In addition, the release date […]


So, It’s been decided that this blog will most likely hold all of the info for Anachronus. That makes things a bit easier to manage. That means that the original idea for a site for all of Anachronus’ needs, will now be solely for hosting all the volumes of the series! A simple design is […]

Anachronus Blog Goes LIVE!

That’s right! There’s not too much here as-is, but the Blog will now be going live! Stay tuned for more updates as the time for volume one’s launch draws ever closer! Feel free to leave comments or feedback throughout, and don’t forget to bookmark the blog! Some simple site updates include; + Added Character Information. […]


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