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So, It’s been decided that this blog will most likely hold all of the info for Anachronus. That makes things a bit easier to manage. That means that the original idea for a site for all of Anachronus’ needs, will now be solely for hosting all the volumes of the series! A simple design is already being worked on to be ready for Volume One’s launch (April 1st!) and it should be ready to go within a few days.

Once the Volume is made public, a link on a page here on the blog will link directly to the other site that will specifically host all the volumes in a neat and orderly fashion!

Sadly, there won’t be any artwork for the first volume, and most likely not the second. Still trying to sort that out. If an artist can’t be brought in, we may go without art, but then there’s always the chance of me learning to draw, haha!

Luckily, Anachronus isn’t suppose to be so overly serious. It serves as a way to get a story out there to entertain, and a way for me to improve my writing style and ability for the future. Hopefully by me working to improve, everyone can enjoy a fun story. ~

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