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About Anachronus

[ Anachronus ]A Tale of Time” — An adventure that transcends time itself, Anachronus follows the pair of Shida Moire and Shuyin Sourunji through their story to not only bring peace to space and time, but to understand the powerful bond that forms between them. Standing at each other’s side, our heroes must overcome everything – even the world itself – to correct the balance of time.

The story of Anachronus is planned as a series of light novels, which are each to be posted online to be read. They are written in a unique style rather than a typical novel format, and early volumes are not meant to be overwhelming in length. This means that as the number of volumes increase and the story moves forward, the volumes are expected to increase in both length and the number of chapters.

Starting with the release of Volume One on April 1st, 2012 (4.1.12), the series is expected to have a new volume released every few months, if not sooner.

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