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That’s right! The wordpress blog you see before you has been moved to ANACHRONUS.COM and will now be updated regularly on there! I’ll probably do updates here until the main site gets more traffic, but I want everyone to know that the site will be updated on a permanent regular basis there. This includes all […]

Coming Soon; Volume Three | Updates on Anachronus Plans!

How about some copy and paste from my personal tumblr blog, hm? Check it out if you haven’t! “Alright so Volume 3 is nearing its completion, but revision will take a week or so and editing a couple weeks more. Still looking about a month or less if editing goes quickly, but I already told […]

Updates on Volume 3: The Goddess & The Guardian!

So how have you guys liked Volume 2? There’s been a surge in views since the release of V2 so I’m really hoping that you guys are enjoying it. Remember, if you enjoy the series please do spread Anachronus to friends! Not to mention you can help support me by following me on twitter or […]

Anachronus | Volume Two: The Great Adventure!

WHAT?! VOLUME TWO?! Of course! It took time, effort, energy, rewrites, and lots of amazing patience by friends, fans, and my editor. At the end of it all though Volume Two has finally arrived! My words can be summed up at the end in the Author’s Notes of the PDF, so I’ll leave that to […]

Volume One: A Tale Of Time | Temp-PDF!

Making V1 as a PDF has been giving me some fits (trying to use graphics in word is not translating to the actual PDF correctly and I have no idea what to do with it) but I don’t want that as an excuse! So without further stalling here is Anachronus: Volume One | A Tale […]

Volume 2 is only a few short days away!

You read that right! This is to let you know that Anachronus Volume 2 will be released in just a few short days! In fact, the characters page here has already been updated with characters found in Volume 2 — but beware of spoilers! Volume 2 will initially be released solely as PDF along with […]

PDF Downloadable Format coming soon for Anachronus!

HelloOoOoOoOo!! Volume 2 is finally coming along very well. The relief I felt from not forcing a release date out there for it was so much more than I expected. With the freedom of simply releasing it when it’s done I feel a lot better about my writing and thus It’s really doing well! However […]


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