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Anachronus | Volume Two: The Great Adventure!

WHAT?! VOLUME TWO?! Of course! It took time, effort, energy, rewrites, and lots of amazing patience by friends, fans, and my editor. At the end of it all though Volume Two has finally arrived! My words can be summed up at the end in the Author’s Notes of the PDF, so I’ll leave that to […]

Volume 2 is only a few short days away!

You read that right! This is to let you know that Anachronus Volume 2 will be released in just a few short days! In fact, the characters page here has already been updated with characters found in Volume 2 — but beware of spoilers! Volume 2 will initially be released solely as PDF along with […]

A bit of a sneak peak! New Main Character and some chapter titles!

So have you been a little curious as to the new character? Well here’s a little bit of info on that new main character joining our duo to make a nice trio! Kazuma Kenzaki, 17, was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. At the age of 11 he ended up in London, England, and there […]

Volume One: “A Tale of Time.” — Read it Now!

Well, while it may not be April 1st here in the States for another half hour or so, Anachronus Volume One is now LIVE! The first volume in the massive story of Anachronus is finally here, so enjoy it! A lot of work is going into the series, and there will be many improvements as […]


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